Modern "Pamela"

~ Look & Learn ~

Join me for an exciting 2.5-hour learning experience where I'll reveal the fantastic "PAMELA" upstyle technique that is making waves in the bridal styling industry!

This class is your key to enhancing your skills, alleviating stress, and perfecting this elegant style, regardless of your level of expertise.

Prepare for an in-depth exploration of bridal hair secrets, covering styling advice, business strategies, and social media magic.

 Price | $125

Duration | 2.5 Hours

Bridal Styling

Hands On

The "Bridal Styling Hands on" course is 5 hours where a limited number of stylists will get to observe me teaching a specific style on a live model while sharing my techniques I've learned over the last 4 years in Bridal Styling. 

After a lunch break, stylists will get to apply the techniques they've learned on mannequins, re-creating the bridal style and getting some one on one with myself to answer any questions and to help you perfect the look!

Price | $450

Duration | 5 Hours

Bridal Styling

1 on 1

For "One on one" classes stylists can email me a list of areas in Bridal Styling that they would like to improve on and sharpen their skills. 

Then we will set a date that works for both myself and the stylist for this class where I can share my techniques and insights with them and work closely together to strengthen their skills!

Price | $100/Hr

Duration | 3 hours minimum

Effortless Blonde

~Look & Learn~

Join me on a 5.5-hour adventure in my "Look and Learn" class! Get ready for the big reveal on how to nail that "effortlessly fabulous blonde" look, tailored to suit any client. We'll focus on keeping it low maintenance, hair health on point, and how to strategize placement for more impact!

In this session, I'll unlock the secrets of working with your client's natural hair colour and playing with depth like a pro. You'll also get the inside scoop on how to keep this colour looking fresh, my go-to formulas, and sectioning tricks for a stress-free experience.

But wait, there's more! I'll sprinkle in some finishing styling tips, business hacks, social media magic, and other golden nuggets to attract your dream clients!

Price| $200

Duration| 5.5 Hours

Bridal Styling 

In salon education

*Please email for your personalized quote*

Are you seeking specific education for you and your fellow stylists? I offer the opportunity and ease to come to you into your salon to provide an in depth class based off of styles you are interested in learning, building your confidence, reducing your styling time and saving you stress!